5 Facts about Finance That Will Make You Think Twice



Money is the most important aspect of life as it serves as a basis for your livelihood. However, many people still have no idea of the importance of financial management. Everybody knows that money begets money, but a few of you know that the right technique to make money with money. Investment and savings both are the two different aspects of the same coin and both play a paramount role to live life financially stable.

Many people have casual outlook toward money. Ignoring the fact that you may need money for unforeseen expenses, you spend whatever you earn. This is the biggest reasons for being broke at the end of month. Easy availability of loans may have accounted for prodigality. Direct loan lenders lend money despite your poor credit rating. Here are the facts about money that will make you think twice.

Risk is not as bad as you think

Risk is notorious; a large number of people avoid taking risk. Since childhood, you are told that you should avoid risky investments, jobs and relationships. At every stage of life, you try to make all possible efforts to mitigate the risk. The general perception is that you should avoid taking risk as much as possible. Well, whether it is personal life or financial life, risk equals reward.

You cannot gain something without willingness to give up. If you want to earn a millionaire, you will have to lose your comfort. You need to spend most of the time brainstorming new ideas to earn more and more money. Of course, you cannot do it if you do not push your limits.

If you want to see a change in your life, you will have to take risk. Try taking risk in your life. However, you must calculate the level of risk that you can afford.

Committing mistakes is normal

Whether you launch a new product or invest money in an appealing project, your anticipation serves the base to all your decisions. No matter how likely you could have a positive outcome, there is always possibility of losses. It is likely that you get opposite of what you envisaged. It is quite normal to have made a wrong decision. Veterans say that understanding the dynamic financial and investment behaviour takes a lot of time.

Mistakes are the real counsellors; no financial advisor can tell you what you learn from your mistakes. Put it down to your experience and move ahead.

Low fees do not mean low cost

It is good if you try to be a bit frugal when it comes to hiring services. Comparing the cost will help you choose the most affordable product, deal or service. Sometimes low cost can cost you more because it is likely that the party is novice. Of course, branded products cost more than the others because they promise to render quality. You cannot make a decision just on basis of the cost. You will have to evaluate the quality, durability and benefits.

Poor planning and bad decisions add up the cost over time. Therefore, you should pay money in the first place to get it done right. However, this idea does not encourage you to spend more money.

Investment is a must

No matter you earn little cash, you are making a big mistake if you do not invest money. Having all your cash in your account may make you feel financially secure, but cash is not safe at all. Cash follows time value of money concept. The value of money keeps falling day by day because of inflation.

Cash is important but it does not play a major role in creating wealth. Therefore, it is essential that you invest money as per our risk affordability.

Time is more important than money

Saving money is important but make sure that you are not underrating the value of your time. Never put off plans otherwise someone else would grab the opportunity and leave you behind in the race.

You will have to maintain balance between savings and investments to live your financial life stable.  


Knowledge is power: the more you understand, the better your financial condition will be. Whatever you do, you need to understand why you are doing it and how it is going to benefit you.

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